Chocolate Spread & Syrup

Premium Quality Chocolate Spread & Syrup Under Your Brand Name

Private Label Chocolate Spread & Syrup

Partnering with Elvita for your private label chocolate spread means you can focus on branding and marketing while relying on their manufacturing prowess. With their assistance, you can bring a delectable and distinctive chocolate spread to market that truly represents your brand and leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

When it comes to packaging and design, Elvita has got you covered. They can assist you in creating visually appealing labels, jars, or other packaging options that effectively showcase your brand on store shelves. With their attention to detail, your product will stand out among the competition.

if you're interested in having your own chocolate spread with your own brand, Elvita can make it happen.

Available Spreads & Syrup

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Choco Almond Spread

Dark Chocolate Spread 

Strawberry Syrup

Chocolate Syrup

As per requirement

Available Packaging & Size

Private label Sachet


Available Size : 20gm, 30gm, 50gm and as per requirement.

Private label Pouch


Available Size : 200gm, 400gm and as per requirement.



Available Size : 100gm, 200gm, 500gm and as per requirement.

Private label Chocolate Spread


Available Size : 200gm, 400gm, 930gm and as per requirement.

Why Choose Us

Elvita prides itself on using premium coco powder as the foundation for their spreads. They source high-quality ingredients to ensure a rich and satisfying taste that will delight your customers. You can trust that your private label chocolate spread will maintain the same level of quality.

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